Lawn Sprinkler System Services

We offer a wide variety of residential sprinkler repair services to meet the needs of all the homeowners in the Denver Metro Area. Our services cover the needs of your lawn sprinkler system all year long. Whether you need your residential sprinkler system setup for the summer, put away for the winter or repaired any time of year, we are here to help!

Winterize your residential sprinkler system

Lawn Sprinkler System: Summer Tune Up

Spring Start your residential sprinkler system

Lawn Sprinkler System General Repairs

Recent Sprinkler Repair Projects

Adding a few sprinkler heads.

This back yard only had three sprinkler heads.
QuickPro Sprinkler Repair sent two irrigation techs that installed a total of ten new sprinkler heads.
This client has the most efficient wifi controller(50% more efficient), 40psi regulated sprinkler heads with check valve and the most water efficient nozzles(30% more efficient). 
This set up will give this home owner the absolute best coverage, using less water while paying lower water bills.

Sprinkler pipe repair

The home owner updated his landscaping. An edging pin was stabbed through the sprinkler pipe beneath the ground causing a leak. 
This is an easy repair for QuickPro irrigation techs.


QuickPro Sprinkler Repair replaced the dated controller with a new wifi controller. The new controller is up to 50% more efficient than the old one.

Manifold Rebuild

This project is a nine zone sprinkler system. The manifold cracked due to freeze damage. It is very important in our climate to properly winterize/blow out your sprinkler system. Winterizing your sprinkler system should be done no later than mid October.
The grass is greener on your side of the fence!

- QuickPro

Residential Sprinkler Repair

Effortlessly Beautiful Lawn
We repair lawn sprinkler systems for all sized lawns

Residential Sprinkler repairs and installs can be complex. Eliminate the guesswork; our expertly trained technicians are trained in the plumbing, electrical, water pressure, hydraulics, precipitation rates and irrigation design for an efficient system that will keep your lawn green and beautiful.

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Denver's Best Residential Sprinkler System Repair Service

Proudly serving the Denver Metro area!

A beautiful lawn begins with a top notch residential sprinkler system. Our dry Colorado climate can wreak havoc on your lawn. We will get your sprinkler system to function at its maximum efficiency at an affordable price.

Weatherization, repair and programming services

Top notch residential sprinkler systems lead to beautiful lawns. Don't leave the management of your lawn sprinkler system to chance, trust the experts.

We service the Denver Metro and we have helped hundreds of homeowners maintain beautiful lawns. Our state of the art residential sprinkler system effortlessly keeps your lawns green and beautiful.

Our expert technicians have the experience and training to deal with the toughest broken systems. We can diagnose the failure in your system and accurately repair the problem. We are equipped with the tools and supplies to properly repair your residential sprinkler system correctly the first time.

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Quickpro residential sprinkler system repairs got a face lift, 07/27/2019

As everyone knows, first impressions are an essential part of growing a business relationship. We wanted to ensure that our online presence reflected our professionalism and dedication to providing the finest residential sprinkler repair services in the Denver Metro Area; so we hired a local company to craft a website for us.

Our Business

We offer a lifetime of residential sprinkler repair experience. QuickPro Sprinkler Repair, LLC. covers everything related to your lawn sprinkler system. We repair copper pipes, shut off valves, back flow preventers, control valves, wiring, leaks, replace heads, move heads, activate/winterize, upgrade old sprinkler systems, drip systems, controller/timer and all other sprinkler system issues.

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