Complete residential sprinkler repair services designed to keep your lawn green all summer long

We offer professional lawn sprinker repair services at affordable rates to help your lawn stay green with less work so that you can enjoy your summer! Your lawn is more than just grass, it's your home! We'll make sure you have a lawn you're proud of!

More than just green lawns; we now have water efficient sprinkler valves, heads, nozzles & smart controllers that will save you money and help protect the environment.

Want to save money? We can help! We are passionate about ensuring your sprinkler system is efficient.

Residential sprinkler system repair, winterization and programming services

Our Lawn Sprinkler Services

Start the year off right with spring activation

Lawn Sprinkler System - Spring Activation

When QuickPro Sprinkler Repair turns your sprinkler system on we’ll ensure that the sprinkler system is working properly so you don’t have to worry about it.

Residential Sprinkler Activation service includes:

  • Turn water on to system
  • Visually inspect back flow for freeze damage
  • Program Controller
  • Turn each zone on, visually inspect each zone
  • Adjust Heads as needed (no digging)


Aerating your lawn is a key factor in breaking up thatch, allowing more water and oxygen to get to the roots creating an awesome root system. A healthy and strong root system will give your lawn a better ability to absorb the nutrients that make it the greenest on the block.

Lawn aeration services
We'll find the problem with your lawn sprinkler system and fix it!

Residential Sprinkler System Repairs & Troubleshooting

Identifying what is wrong with a malfunctioning sprinkler system is sometimes the most difficult task involved in the residential sprinkler system repair process.

QuickPro Sprinkler Repair, LLC. uses the most advanced technology available in order to quickly diagnose problems. The quicker we get it done the less you pay.

We repair anything related to your lawn sprinkler system. We are experts at copper pipe repair and back flow repair and replacement, finding and fixing leaks, replacing old controllers, replacing heads, adding or moving heads and much more.

We also consult with you on what we can do to decrease your water bill by using water efficient products.

Fall Blow out

Winterizing your residential sprinkler system involves using compressed air to “Blow Out” the water.

Once again, QuickPro Sprinkler Repair, LLC. only uses pro gear for this process. We know the proper cfm and psi that our equipment needs to provide in order to get the most water out of the system and not damage your lawn sprinkler system.

We need a home owner present when we winterize your residential sprinkler system:

  • We shut off the water
  • Drain the supply pipe that is inside the house
  • Blow compressed air through the system
  • Set the controller to the off position
  • Leave all valves in the correct position
Protect your sprinkler system for the harsh CO, winter
Our Business

We offer a lifetime of residential sprinkler repair experience. QuickPro Sprinkler Repair, LLC. covers everything related to your lawn sprinkler system. We repair copper pipes, shut off valves, back flow preventers, control valves, wiring, leaks, replace heads, move heads, activate/winterize, upgrade old sprinkler systems, drip systems, controller/timer and all other sprinkler system issues.

Areas Served

Denver Metro Area

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Product Brands Used
  • Hunter
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  • Toro
  • Weathermatic
  • All Major Brands
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